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Forensics Mental Health Clinic

Community Behavioral Health (CBH) is pleased to announce the opening of our new Forensics Mental Health Clinic with the head location at 106 Lee Street, Salisbury MD serving all Eastern Shore Counties.  

The facility officially opened on Monday, March 30, 2020. Forensic services primarily serve patients for any court-involved offense or high-risk behavior likely to result in court involvement. The services at the department includes risk assessments, anger management counseling, sexual offender counseling, individual, group, and family therapy. 

All patients receive regular psychiatric evaluations by licensed psychiatrists and pharmacological treatment when appropriate.  The team is led by Dr. Sushma Jani (Medical Director) who has previously provided psychiatric services in corrections facilities and services to youth detained at the Department of Juvenile Services’  Lower Eastern Shore Children’s Center. She is a Diplomat of the American Society of Forensic Psychiatry. 

The team works closely with law enforcement, parole and probation, court systems, as well local university interns interested in working in the forensic field. In addition, they work with veterans with post-traumatic stress and other trauma-related issues.The team has intensively worked with specific forensic-related issues including trauma, domestic violence, anger management, sexual offending, fire-setting, sex trafficking, etc. They also coordinate with the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) services and Substance Abuse Mental Health treatment for qualifying individuals. 

Numerous group and individual therapy and times are available to accommodate most work schedules. On-site laboratory services are also available.

To make referrals to the CBH Forensic Program, please call the office at
844-224-5264  ext. 104.

We look forward to working with you and to further serve the local community.

Professional Referrals: If you are making a referral from outside the agency, please call our intake line at 844-224-5264 ext 104 send a fax to 888-509-0010 with evaluations, current/previous treatment plans, medications, recent physical exam, lab work, and immunization records. You may complete a professional referral by clicking this link.

Personal Referrals: If you are a self-referring patient, you may speak to an Intake Team member at 844-224-5264 ext 104 or fill out the registration form found here.


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