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Below you can find compliments and compliments left by Community Behavioral Health patients

Comments & Compliments

Going to CBH for an appointment is a delightful experience for the typically stressed out clientele they serve, showing an understanding of the people they treat.



Community Behavioral Health is a facility for the mentally ill, victims of abuse and drug addicts in need of therapy and medication. As such, one would expect it to have a calm atmosphere— and on this, it delivers. From a quaint outside to a relaxing interior, Community Behavioral Health (CBH) ties together soothing elements for a relaxing therapy session.

            Pulling into the very small but rarely crowded parking lot, of the small brick building several cars are neatly arranged in the parking spots. There are a couple of topiary pieces toward the door, immaculately trimmed in spiral and egg designs suggesting that CBH cares enough about the appearance of their business as to hire a gardener. This also suggests to the observer that the business makes enough money to hire such a thing and as a result appears more “official” and trustworthy: a boost to their ethos. The CBH logo is a stylization of the rising Sun, suggesting a brighter and very real tomorrow.

            On entering, the building immediately appears larger on the inside than it had appeared from the outside. A bell rings indicating the arrival of a person so that nobody would be caught off-guard by any newcomers. A small breeze greets the entrant as air-conditioning eases the stress of any heat from the outside in a refreshing, baptismal waft. The interior design is a cross between calming natural minimalist and rustic waiting room. Wheels and other wooden ornaments fill the room along with cushioned chairs. The business provides multiple magazines, primarily about health, and has a television playing. Spread around the waiting room are also a couple small monitors with interactive screens playing interviews with health advice. One can very quickly distinguish what their concern is, if the company itself didn’t already suggest it. CBH cares not only for the mental health of its clientele, but the physical health as well. Naturally, there is also a bulletin board and several walls covered with newspaper clippings of their notoriety, mental health awards and certificates verifying their practitioners’ credentials. The waiting room alone covers the three primary bases of Aristotle’s modes of persuasion.

            The staff, namely the secretary Cheryl, prove to be friendly and highly personable characters. Clients are welcomed almost immediately on arrival and addressed in regards to their appointments briefly thereafter. Clients can engage in casual banter with the staff and discuss their personal lives openly. The aforementioned secretary Cheryl also recognizes most of the clients personally which creates a sense of community and strange friendship within the business itself; even the staff make the experience a comfortable one.

            After a generally peaceful and silent wait, the client then proceeds to one of any several rooms adorned with paintings, small sculptures and posters promoting motivation to commence their session. The building all in all embodies a relaxing atmosphere promoting the interest in health. Going to CBH for an appointment is a delightful experience for the typically stressed out clientele they serve, showing an understanding of the people they treat.

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